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Ready to Take Your Life to a Whole New Level? 

What could be more important than transforming the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions that are holding you back from joy, abundance, and radiant health?

PSYCH-K Basic Workshops for Accelerated Change
Portland – May 21-23
Seattle – June 4-6
Big Island Hawaii – July 23-25


I was a successful executive until stress, stomach issues, fibroid tumors and knee problems from being a competitive gymnast, swimmer, and cyclist crushed my energy and spirit. Ten years ago I left the corporate world and began a quest to find the latest knowledge, information and techniques to accelerate my change and discover the true essence of who I am.

My life changed when I read ‘Biology of Beliefs,’ a best selling book by Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.d. I learned the secret to why no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t change. He recommended PSYCH-K® as an easy and effective way to reprogram my mind for lasting change! I took the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop in 2006, fell in love and became an Instructor and have taught workshops all over the world.  I’ve used PSYCH-K to create a life I love-scuba diving, connecting with like-minded people, and helping others do the same no matter how challenging their circumstances might be.

If you’re ready massive transformation, join me on this magical journey of life!  

With Love and Joy,
Joan Cameron

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“I have spent thousands of dollars on self-help techniques then I found PSYCH-K and it has changed my life! For the last four years I’ve been using PSYCH-K regularly to accomplish my goals and deal with some of life’s biggest challenges such as losing my father.  It’s fast, effective, and amazing!” —PSYCH-K Workshop Participant – Kathleen B.  Wildlife Photographer. Boulder, Colorado