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Helping to Evolve Human Consciousness
Joan Cameron

A former Varsity Gymnast, scholar athlete, and young MBA graduate at the University of Oregon,  Joan had a long career as a marketing executive with Hewlett Packard.  Her roles included managing new channels, products, and programs in HP’s European printing business and managing the US consumer channel business before leaving the corporate world and starting YourBeliefsMatter, a self-empowering business to help raise global consciousness.
For the past eleven years, she has focused on making use of significant breakthroughs in psychology and neuroscience to assist individuals and organizations establish a mindset for success – and particularly to overcome self-limiting beliefs to achieve extraordinary results and performance while maintaining happiness, health, and wellbeing.
Joan is now an entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others to realize their fullest potential in life. She believes in the transformative potential and in the capacity for greatness of every individual.
When you choose Joan as your trusted advisor, consultant, or coach, you will collaborate with a highly experienced business professional who can also help you to tap into your own innate power and wisdom using the latest technology in neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral science for a lasting change. You’ll find the time you invest with Joan will pay dividends in increased creativity, productivity, energy, and success.
Joan has an extensive business background as an executive in a Fortune 50 High Technology Company, a start-up High-Technology company, Retail Business, and more. This experience, as well as her knowledge of state-of-the-art change techniques, can help you create success in your business and balance in your life.

Call to Safety Crisis Line Advocate

Portland, Oregon

Passionate about the area of stress, trauma, abuse, and violence against women,  men, based on gender, sexual preference, race, and other factors, Joan became a trained Advocate with Call to Safety Crisis Line to give back.  She had experienced a sexual assault at a young age and was in an emotionally abusive relationship and along with your business has worked extensively with clients who have experienced this in their lifetime.
2016 Volunteer Award
“Thank you to Joan for being our most consistent daytime crisis line volunteer this year. Joan has volunteered over 120 hours during the 2015-2016 fiscal year!! But even more importantly Joan brings such a huge heart and openness to learning to this work—as well as a huge knowledge base about trauma, healing and the power of our ideas. Joan always brings a smile and radiates warmth when she walks into –and impressively when she LEAVES the crisis line room—no matter the difficult situations she hears about on the calls. We talk about the idea of vicarious resilience –that we feel and learn from the resilience and strength of the survivors we serve, but I also feel like I experience vicarious resilience from working with Joan
It’s people like you that make the Call to Safety community special and we are so honored that you choose to do this work alongside us. Thanks, Joan!”
With gratitude,
Fawn -Volunteer Coordinator at Call To Safety
Everyone deserves a life free of domestic and sexual violence.
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Clinic for Children and Adults with HIV/Aids 

Guatemala City, Guatemala 

Joan volunteered at the Garcia Clinic bringing the power of the mind to children and adults to support the healing process.  Joan has trained many psychologists, counselors, psychologists, and coaches to self-empower them to reach more people.

Maori Community and Prison System

Wanganui, New Zealand


      Gavin,Joan, Egypt with Maori Youth

Click the image to watch a video of Gavin discussing how he uses PSYCH-K in the prisons.

While teaching workshops in New Zealand, Joan developed a friendship with Gavin, a Maori Minister in Wanganui.  He brought her to lead his community through a transformational two-day workshop.  Joan also trained him with the PSYCH-K process, which he has used successfully with prison clients.

Nicaragua Girl’s Orphanage and Students from Managua University

Dalila and Gabrida My Girls in NicaraguaGirls-24Photo of girl

Girls 3

Happiness of a Tooth Brush and Pencil

Joan has held free workshops for university students in Nicaragua giving them powerful tools for goal setting, problem-solving, action planning and techniques to change limiting mindset and beliefs.  She owns a home in Nicaragua and supports the local Girls Orphanage.

Start Making a Reader Today 

Joan volunteered in helping children 5-8 catch up on their reading skills in the Portland School District

Corporate Experience

  Joan Business PhotoJoan Professional Photo-Casual StanceJoan Cameron
Joan was the Executive Director for U.S. Consumer and Wholesale Channel for Hewlett-Packard managing a $14 billion dollar channel business, a $350 million dollar budget, a large organization who managed pricing and promotional policies, contracts with Walmart, BesCostco, Costco, Office Depot, Office Max and large wholesalers. Her team led the industry in consumer research, innovative channel policies including establishing the on-line business for major retailers in the United States.
Her twenty years of experience encompassed marketing, business and sales development, product management, operations, strategic planning and pivotal leadership roles in diversity, merger integration, and new business, channel, and market creation. She spearheaded the very first Apple compatible inkjet printer in the 1980s as well as the innovative use of color packaging which changed the industry standard in printing and computing in the early 90s.
Joan was often a visionary and leader in bringing new businesses, channels, and marketing strategies to successful fruition
Prior to HP, Joan was part of a high-tech start-up company in the early 80’s, called Integrated Measurement Systems, have she established an innovative and highly profitable lead generation and telesales program. She worked her way through college as a waitress and managed the Canby Summer Program for children, including communications with the community and parents.
International: Joan lived abroad for five years while acting as the business leader for Hewlett-Packard’s inkjet printer division in Europe. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on international cultural and business practices.
She speaks German fluently and speaks some Spanish.
She has taught workshops in Egypt, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Nicaragua, France, and has conducted business in most European Countries including the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in 1990-95, as well as in Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and many other countries. on holidays following her passion her scuba diving.
Speaker: Joan is a successful motivational speaker. She was a highly requested presenter for customers and sales teams at Hewlett-Packard worldwide. For three years, she was a speaker and sponsor for Hewlett Packard and Office Depot’s Successful Strategies for Women Conference in Boca Raton. She now travels throughout the western United States giving workshops and lectures for her new company. Joan also competed in successfully in Toastmaster’s competition, reaching the regional finals in the Serious Speech Category in 2000.
Mentoring: Joan was an executive mentor for Hewlett-Packard’s Mentoring Program. As one of the few women executives for the company, she enjoyed helping other people who aspired to make the most of their careers. Joan was also an executive sponsor for Hewlett-Packard’s Diversity Initiatives.
PSYCH-K Instructor Certification: In 2007, Joan became a PSYCH-K Instructor and is now one of the most experienced having taught over 160 workshops worldwide.
mBraining Coach:  new and upcoming technique that integrates the heart, head, and gut brains for peak potential.

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Education University of Oregon:
As a Scholar Athlete, Joan was accepted into the Accelerated MBA Program and completed her Masters and Bachelor Degrees in just Five Years.
Bachelors’ of Arts.  Parks and Recreation Management
Masters of Business Administration.  Marketing Emphasis.
Additional Training:

* PSYCH-K Basic, Pro, and Advanced Training for Personal Use
* PER-K Instructor Trainer for Organizations
* Portland Call to Safety Crisis Line Volunteer Advocate
* Management Course at the INSEAD International School of Business, France.
Transformational Change, Major Life Transitions, Mindset, Changing Limiting Belief Programs
Stress, Trauma, and Abuse – Thriving not just Surviving –

Joan - rose - professionalJoan-angel-NZBiography

Additional Areas:  Joan has worked with hundreds of clients on all aspects of life – career, relationships, health issues, including cancer, spiritual growth, prosperity, and how to make a difference in the world.
Passions: Joan is an avid student of Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga. She enjoys nature and wildlife, including scuba diving around the world. She loves swimming with sharks, whales, seals, and feels at home in the water.  She loves learning and is developing her writing expertise in Non-Fiction, Memoir, Essays, and True Stories.  She loves walking and exploring the Columbia Gorge and magnificent nature in the Portland Oregon area.
Joan is passionate about being a catalyst for change through education and bringing simple powerful processes for change to prevent sexual assault and violence. She is looking to collaborate with organizations and people who hold this same passion!