Wisdom of The Tree

Born in the beautiful state of Oregon, I was surrounded by trees. I love trees and proudly call myself a “Tree Hugger.” The tree can represent a powerful symbology and wisdom that we can all learn and grow from.

When I established my business naming it YourBeliefsMatter, I knew that the tree would be the inspiring symbol that I would like to share with the world. It was the perfect connection with my company name as I believe your beliefs do matter; they create your life and affect the people around you. Your beliefs create the limits to what you achieve.

The Tree is a symbol of your life. It is who you are as a spiritual and physical being. It represents all that you are, all that you do, and all that you aspire to be.

Tree in Davenport, New ZealandThe Roots are your soul buried in the darkness of the earth guiding you through your life. It is the foundation of who you are. There are many roots searching and growing, entangled and connected. They hold your beliefs, attitudes, habits, and perspectives. This is the foundation of your behaviors and actions.

The Trunk of the tree is your pillar of strength and stability. It holds your values, integrity, and truths. It holds the wisdom of you, your ancestors, and the knowledge of life and creation.

The Branches reach to the sky and your desire to grow and expand the potential of who you are. It reflects all that you have underneath the surface. It shows the results of the conscious seeds that you have planted in our lives. The choices you have made. There are many branches as there are many roads to happiness and enlightenment.

The Bird reflects the flight of your soul, living your human life with spiritual meaning and purpose. It is freedom from the limiting beliefs that keep you from the divine essence of who you are. It shows you that your birthright is to soar to the highest levels of delight, joy, and love in your life.

The Circle represents union, oneness, and community. You have your own Tree but we are all interconnected in the circle of life and creation. What you do, think, and believe affects everyone and everything.

The Balance is the yin and the yang, the balance of the feminine and masculine, and the balance of the left and right brain. It is harmony and peace that is your true nature.