Dr. Bruce Lipton – Biology of Beliefs – Best Selling Author – recommends PSYCH-K

Today I was listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton on the Hay House World Summit and just had to share more about his work. Seven years ago, I went to a workshop with Dr. Lipton and Rob Williams the originator of  PSYCH-K (the belief change process) and my life has never been the same! It was so profound (through PSYCH-K, I healed stomach problems I’d had for 10 years, avoided knee surgery, and created a new career that I love after being burned out from the corporate world.

Dr. Lipton and his revolutionary book, Biology of Belief, finally explained to me why I would get stuck despite my best intentions, or why I’d fall back into unhealthy habits and how my subconscious beliefs (negative ones) were at the root cause of my stress and health issues.  It also explained why I was having changes in relationships and made some terrible investment decision. It was my beliefs that are running on auto-pilot at subconscious level of my mind that is running my life and my biology!

It was his book and the science behind it (epigenetics), that has shown me that I’m not destined to my genes but that my perceptions and beliefs play a key role.  He said today that only 1% of illness and disease is genetic. The rest is based upon our environment. But not just the environment but rather our perception about the environment.

He quoted a recent study from UCLA, that said, “Our subjective perception of reality over rides our objective experience.”

The key, as Dr. Lipton describes it, is to change the subconscious programs (limiting beliefs) that are running our biology and our lives.

Dr. Lipton is a big fan of PSYCH-K and he mentioned today in the Hay House World Summit how it can change the subconscious programming in 5-10 minutes. This is why I became a PSYCH-K Instructor and love facilitating people in person or via Skype, is because it so fast!

In his book Biology of Beliefs, Bruce wrote,” I use PSYCH-K in my own life.  PSYCH-K has helped me undo my self-limiting beliefs, including one about not being able finish my book. The fact that you are holding this book is one indication of the power of PSYCH-K!

I just love Bruce Lipton and his message. It’s self-empowering and demonstrates the amazing power that we have inside of ourselves.  We consider Bruce as part of the PSYCH-K family and I’ve had the joy of visiting with him and Margaret in New Zealand (he teaches at the Auckland Chiropractic College and I was teaching PSYCH-K in New Zealand frequently for awhile).

Thanks Bruce for making such a difference in the world!