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“You Can’t Change a Problem With The Same Level of Thinking that Created It.”  Albert Einstein

After working 20 years in the corporate world, I walked away frustrated with the level of results the organization was able to achieve using standard methods.  We often had excellent strategies but failed when it came to organizational alignment and execution. Even with highly intelligent and well-intending professionals and staff, strategies just seemed to fizzle out.

Leaders need to access the full potential of their mind to meet the objectives and challenges facing them.

Doing something fundamentally different is required to create lasting change and exceptional results in all areas of business. The untapped subconscious mind holds the key. Only 5% of cognitive brain activity is conscious, leaving 95% of our mind operating at the unconscious level.  It is the habitual aspect of our behavior and it is often running outdated or negative belief programs that are undermining our effectiveness and results.  These include individual beliefs, societal, cultural, and organizational.

The key to success is aligning subconscious beliefs with conscious goals. 

It is our beliefs that establish the limits or the possibilities to what we can achieve, and the brain and subconscious hold the key to creating sustainable change in optimal thinking, creativity, constructive behaviors, and actions.

My approach uses the latest knowledge and tools in neuroscience, psychology, and change processes such as PER-K.® I combine this with over twenty years of corporate experience, to change the paradigm of what is possible with leaders and their businesses. 

If you are ready to take small steps and achieve a quantum leap in your Performance, contact me to see what we can create.

“We are what we think, having become what we thought.”

The Dharmapada

“If you demand proof before you will believe in something you will never create anything.  You must believe before you will see, not the other way around.”

Creating the Future. Business Friend

“Our positive and negative beliefs … impact … every aspect of our life … [they] … act like filters on a camera, changing how you see the world.  And your biology adapts to those beliefs.”

Biology of Beliefs. Dr. Bruce Lipton. PhD

“Creating the breakthroughs you seek is a matter of belief. Not just consciously but subconsciously. The bottom line to achieving consistent, extraordinary performance comes from creating a mindset for success and continually upgrading your beliefs.”
Create. Believe. Achieve.

Joan Cameron


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