Personal Sessions

Heart and Result Based Personal Sessions  

Joan is an International PSYCH-K Instructor and Passionate Catalyst
for Human Evolution and Raising Sacred Global Consciousness
Personal Sessions With Joan

If you’re ready for high-speed change, I’d love to work with you!   As a former marketing executive, and now a PSYCH-K Instructor since 2008, I love helping people to create fast results that last.   I proudly call myself the Efficiency Queen.  I’ve worked with hundreds of people giving me lots of experience in approaching all kinds of life challenges in the most effective and efficient way.
I am so grateful to help people unleash who they truly are, share their gifts in the world, and have a life that they absolutely love!
PSYCH-K is also a process that is designed to help raise our consciousness to help raise global consciousness.
Your Beliefs Really Do Matter!
To Schedule a Session:  Send Joan an email at or See Contact on the Home Page.

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Areas I’d Love to Work with You On:

Work, Career, Passion:  Areas we can focus upon include: work-life balance, burnout, career transitions, layoffs, mid-life crisis or transitions, empty nest, finding out what you want meaningful work and good pay, starting a new business, leadership, enhance performance, financial abundance and enjoy life, accelerate learning and adaptation, relationship challenges, setting healthy boundaries, taking care of your needs, discovering your passion and gifts, and finding meaning and purpose.
Physical, Mental, Emotional:  The mind and in particular subconscious beliefs can directly affect our physical and emotional bodies as described by Dr. Bruce Lipton’s in his Best Selling book, Biology of Beliefs.
By changing limiting subconscious beliefs, we can create a kind of “Placebo Effect” with the body.  These self-enhancing beliefs can also transform stress and reduce the “fight or flight syndrome” creating peace and an optimal brain state to help us respond to life’s challenges at our best.
Limiting beliefs can contribute to a wide variety of illness such as stomach issues, auto-immune issues, depression, allergies, cancer, shingles, ALS, diabetes, PTSD, childhood traumas, abuse, adrenal issues, phobias, diabetes, herpes, heart conditions, low energy or motivation, sexual dysfunctions, and other ailments.
Relationships: Finding a soulmate at any age, or bringing the spark back into a tattered relationship, managing a divorce, marriage, living together, deciding to have a child or more children are all areas that this process can help. Sexual challenges, sexual preference or adjusting to new relationships can be enhanced through one’s beliefs. Maintaining one’s identity within a relationship, setting healthy boundaries, dealing with conflict, and creating a passionate, deep, meaningful and lasting relationship are also common areas that this process can support and enhance.
Financial Abundance:  Take your business to the next level of success, enhance investment skills and results, improve money management skills, attract the best partners, employees, service providers, clients, or build financial independence through self-enhancing beliefs.
Spiritual Growth: Deepen your connection to your higher self, establish a spiritual practice or deepen your current practice, create a higher connection to the collective consciousness, or align your subconscious beliefs with religious or any spiritual goals that you have.  I’ve worked with many people of various religions and this process lets “you choose” what beliefs are important to you.  One can also achieve a higher connection with nature, mother earth, or any desired intention.
Grief and Loss:  This area is one that is sacred and I am honored to guide people to the experience that they would like to have in whatever part of the grieving process they are in. This can include the loss of loved ones both people and our pets. I have also worked with people who are expecting to transition and they would like to discover, heal, forgive, grow as much as possible before they transition.  Grief and loss can also apply to the loss of a relationship, a career, or a challenging transition such as divorce, retirement, being laid off, moving, or perhaps a health challenge. As we transition into different phases of life, this can also feel like a loss.  This may include empty nesters, menopause, or other life transitions that affect our identity.
Service Providers- Health Providers- Mothers – Women:  People who help others and are challenged to take care of themselves and prioritizing their needs.  This process gives you the beliefs that help you be energized and set healthy boundaries that are honored by others.
Personal Power, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth: Most of us, no matter how successful we have been in life, are weighed down by limiting beliefs in these areas. I have found that most people benefit by ensuring their subconscious beliefs are supporting them.  Beliefs such as “I am worthy of the best that love and life have to offer,” can be life changing.
Addictions: Any activity that we can not stop falls into the pattern of addiction. This process can help one to change the underlying beliefs that are driving our behaviors.  Areas include caffeine, sugar, food, alcohol, drugs, smoking, exercise (extreme sports), and gambling.  I’ve also worked with people who have compulsive disorders as well.
Weight Loss, Body Image, Eating Disorders:  This is a specialty of mine. I struggled myself and now enjoy helping others to find peace and lasting change.

Introductory Personal Session Special

Experience Two Powerful 60-minute sessions for $295.
After nearly ten years of conducting sessions, I have found that two sessions is a powerful experience and will help to accelerate your change.  The reason is, that we’ll have one session where we will align your subconscious mind with your custom made beliefs, then you’ll go out in the world, take action, and get feedback on what the next layer of beliefs are now exposed and ready to be transformed. Then after one to two weeks, we’ll have the second session and incorporate the learnings.
Sometimes two sessions are enough to help you realize your goals, but sometimes we have more layers to work on and additional sessions may be needed.
I know you’ll love the session as we jump right into your goals after getting crystal clear clarity on what you’re wanting to experience, and then we’ll move quickly into the change process.  There’s no need to discuss the problems in depth, or even understand what caused them, as the PSYCH-K process moves quickly to the solution, goal, and desired experience. Now isn’t that fun!

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PSYCH-K Personal Session Packages and Intensive In-Person Experiences
After the Introductory Special, I’m happy to discuss what might be best for you.  In addition to PSYCH-K, I’m trained as a mBit Coach (, one of the few in the United States, and I love mentoring people through a longer term relationship.
For those desiring an intensive, accelerated experience of change in Portland Oregon, I can customize a program to meet your needs. Typically these start at two days, with each day including 4 hours of PSYCH-K processes.
What To Expect In a Personal Session
We will discuss what areas of your life or career that you wish to change. We will move quickly to your desired solution and goals.  It is not always necessary to understand the cause of the problem to change it.  The PSYCH-K process will efficiently guide you to create clarity of what you want.
These goals will be turned into positive belief statements that reflect your intention.  We will then move through the change process.  The process uses muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to communicate with the subconscious. In person, we will be using your arm for the process.
If it is a remote session, I will be doing this aspect on your behalf. To re-program the subconscious mind with your life-enhancing beliefs, I’ll be guiding you through a Whole-Brain PSYCH-K Process. This part of the process takes just a matter of moments or to about 2-5 minutes.   We’ll celebrate the change and then identify what action steps you’d like to help accelerate your change!
A key philosophy of the PSYCH-K process is that it taps into your own inner wisdom and power.  It is a self-empowering process and a joy to facilitate!  I have conducted hundreds of sessions and thousands of change processes around the world and continue to be amazed by the simplicity, elegance, and effectiveness of the PSYCH-K process.
Please note that how you “feel” can change quickly during and after a session (the brain continues to re-wire for hours, days, and weeks after a session) but action steps may be required to heal or to attain your goal.  This process doesn’t diagnose illness but self-enhancing beliefs (subconscious programming) will support you in taking action rather than pulling you back into unhealthy habits and sabotaging behavior, plus it creates the Placebo Effect with the body and the Law of Attraction.
PSYCH-K isn’t a magic pill as action may be required, but after 10 years of exploring processes for change, I believe it’s the Ferrari for changing subconscious beliefs that affect every aspect of our lives and our bodies.
How to Pay for Your Personal Session
1. Make a check payable to YourBeliefsMatter and mail to Joan Cameron 5916 SW Hood Avenue. Portland, Oregon 97239
2. For credit card payments, send an email to requesting to pay for your session via credit card. You’ll be sent a PayPal link where you’ll fill in your credit card information.
Questions?  Call Joan at 503-245-8296.
A Note From Joan on Personal Sessions
If you’re looking for an accelerated process of change to reach your goals,  I’d love to work with you. I continue to use PSYCH-K in my daily life to reach my goals but also to deal with life’s many challenges. I recently had a business venture in Australia that seemed to be a failure but actually turned out to be a divine gift and has propelled me higher.
The PSYCH-K process is a systematic process that allows one to expand, grow, and continually raise the bar.  Through working together, we can define and test out your new wings (beliefs) and course correct (change more belief layers) from so that you can be free to fly!
I love personal sessions because I can bring not only my ten years of experience using it myself, I can bring you the experience of others who have changed their lives through PSYCH-K.   While everyone is unique in their own life and situation, some core beliefs are common and I love fast tracking people to change in a fun, heart-based, and connecting way.
My intention is to help guide you to your needed discovery, realizations, and goals in a highly efficient fashion.  Before becoming an instructor in 2006, I also had the great opportunity to lead and manage people for more than two decades which adds to my experience regarding human behavior and change. I navigated the deep, sometimes dark waters of corporate dysfunction and survived. But really, this experience was golden.  I was trained in leadership programs, change management programs, and feel I have a good understanding of human the psyche.
Joan Pictures
I particularly enjoy, and specialize in, guiding people through major life transitions and crises gracefully to reach the next level of living an extraordinary life filled with meaning, purpose, and joy.


Achieve Your Potential by Changing Limiting Subconscious Beliefs

Beliefs affect every aspect of your life. They either set the limits to what we achieve or open up grand possibilities.  Since 95% of consciousness is driven by the subconscious mind it is important to align beliefs that are running on auto-pilot in the subconscious mind with our desires and goals.  A Session will be customized to meet your goals and I will use the PSYCH-K process to help to create lasting results through simple processes that align your subconscious mind with your conscious goals. We reprogram limiting beliefs and turn them into self-enhancing beliefs.  These subconscious beliefs drive your thoughts, actions, habits, and ultimately determine your life. This is why PSYCH-K is so effective. We are working at the root cause level.

FAQs and Session Details
What Results Can you Expect? Experience shows that clients are able to change several beliefs in one session, and many see immediate changes in attitude and behavior. Some issues require working through multiple layers, and may need more than one session to resolve completely. Releasing the fears that are preventing you from taking action on a goal are sometimes felt instantaneously; however, manifesting certain goals (such as finding a new job, physical healing, or getting in shape) may require additional time and action.
What’s included in the Session? Whether the session is in person, by Skype or phone, clients will receive a summary of the goals of the session, beliefs identified and changed, goal clarification processes as identified (called a VAK) and recommended action steps.
What’s the Number of sessions needed? Many people ask me how many sessions it will take. It is difficult to estimate as many of us have “layers” of beliefs.  I have helped some people achieve their goal in one session.  For most of us, it is tough to see what is holding us back and having an experienced facilitator and coach can be valuable to gain new insights, especially in the area of identifying and changing limiting subconscious beliefs.  While I have Programs defined above, I love customizing my services to meet your particular needs!
Are results the same by Skype/Phone as In-person? I have found equally great success between in-person sessions, phone, or Skype sessions. About 60% of my sessions are remote.
Should I do PSYCH-K Sessions or take the Basic Workshop and learn it myself? You can learn PSYCH-K and use it with yourself or with others after the workshop.  If you are interested in learning the process and feel that is right for you, this is a great option.  It is not required, but if you have the resources taking a personal session before and/or after the workshop can benefit you greatly.  This will accelerate your change and give you the experience from a highly skilled facilitator.  Some people really love being guided through personal sessions and having a relationship with Joan as their trusted coach, advisor, and facilitator.
If you take a personal session with me and decide to take the PSYCH-K Basic Workshop, you will receive a $50 discount applied to your workshop fee.
If you have a major health issue or crisis,  I highly suggest, personal sessions with me.  I can create a custom program to meet your situation. I have worked with people successfully both in-person in Portland, OR and remotely through Skype or Phone.
Scheduling: Send me an email at: or call me at 503-245-8296
Payment: In person visits please bring a check (payable to Your Beliefs Matter) or cash. For remote sessions, I can send a Paypal link to enter your credit card information or pay by Paypal account.