Who’s Really in Control?

Who’s Really in Control?

I’m sitting at my teak desk, a beeswax candle flickering as the sun slips behind the Portland West Hills as Tori Amos sings, “It is time, time, time,” and the words strike like a lightning bolt in the center of my heart as truth. It is time. It is time for a revolution in thinking. It’s time to take back our minds, freeing ourselves to be who we truly are.

Do you really know what YOU believe? Do you truly know what you really, really, really want in life?   Or are you on a hamster wheel, singing a song that isn’t yours, marching forward in a numb hypnotic state? Perhaps you’ve tried to change but found yourself with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. Or worse yet, you’re sabotaging your own best intentions. Who needs enemies when you’ve got a raging war in your own mind?

We all have collected a lifetime of programming and belief systems that we did not choose, especially before seven years old, as the brain hasn’t formed discernment and we are literally sponges collecting perceptions and beliefs to survive in our environment. These unconscious beliefs drive our thoughts, words, behaviors, actions, and ultimately our destiny on autopilot.

I’ve been there and it seemed like no matter what I tried, I failed. I read a barrage of self-help books, went to expensive seminars with gurus and experts alike, puffed out affirmations until my face turned blue, squinted my eyes closed trying to visualize a desired outcome only to see black. I spent thousands of dollars on counseling and coaching, but my life never looked like the wisdom I had gained.

Not willing to give up on my belief in the extraordinary potential of the human mind, I searched further until I found answers that gave me the power to create and live life by the beliefs, values, and perceptions that I chose, quieting the monkey mind of negativity and limitations.

Recommended by a friend, I discovered Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD, bestselling author of Biology of Beliefs, and this book changed my life so dramatically that I have devoted the last nine years of my life to educating, self-empowering, and unleashing the power of beliefs, especially the unconscious ones lurking under the water like a submerged iceberg with nearly a thousand people.

Our unconscious mind is 95% of our consciousness, running at forty million bits of information per second and is the storehouse of our perceptions and beliefs that are held within our long-term memory that run on auto-pilot, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of what we believe–the good, bad, and ugly come to life. That is until you change your programming.

It’s a crime that we haven’t we been taught about the basic functioning of our mind to become more self-empowered, independent thinkers. Not that I’m a conspiracy theory junkie, but maybe it’s better for the economy and the profit-lined pockets of companies and the dirty hands of our politicians.

Science, information, and ancient wisdom are power, and once we are self-empowered with it, we begin to regain control. We must take back the power of our mind, especially our beliefs. We need to declare our beliefs consciously and align our unconscious mind with them. Our beliefs are the driving force behind what is possible in our life. It sets the limits. We need to raise the bar to raise the possibilities in our lives.   If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right, as Henry Ford wisely said.

The problem is that many of us haven’t even thought about what we believe. We spend more time clipping our toenails then we do thinking about our thinking. Worst yet, in my opinion, we live in a world where we find comfort in the Pity Party discussing what we don’t want. I don’t want to be unhappy. I don’t want to be fat. I don’t want to pay taxes. Or we reinforce limiting beliefs like a mantra sung over and over – It’s hard to find a good man. It’s hard to make money in this economy. It’s tough to change. And the king pin of them all? It’s out of my control, so why try to change?

Not only do we cement these beliefs in our subconscious mind, we cement our feet into a big fat rut, firmly stuck in the same old destructive behaviors.

I was there – a burned out executive, in a high-tech giant blaming my stress on everything outside of myself – the new CEO, my boss, my boss’s boss, and even the mountain of emails, until I left, believing life would be greener after leaving the corporate machine, but guess what? My shadow followed me right out the door and created stress out of being comfortably retired, responsible to nobody but myself.  This is when I wiped away the fog from the mirror and identified the culprit.

So what’s the secret and crown jewel that lies within each of us?   Belief. And as we upgrade the limiting beliefs that control our lives, we take back the control of our mind, creating a life WE choose. And while our thoughts and beliefs are private, their impact is public feeding for the collective unconscious.

Want to change the world? Start by changing your beliefs.

We can do it, one belief at a time.