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Who’s Really in Control?

Who’s Really in Control?

I’m sitting at my teak desk, a beeswax candle flickering as the sun slips behind the Portland West Hills as Tori Amos sings, “It is time, time, time,” and the words strike like a lightning bolt in the center of my heart as truth. It is time. It is time for a revolution in thinking. It’s time to take back our minds, freeing ourselves to be who we truly are.

Do you really know what YOU believe? Do you truly know what you really, really, really want in life?   Or are you on a hamster wheel, singing a song that isn’t yours, marching forward in a numb hypnotic state? Perhaps you’ve tried to change but found yourself with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. Or worse yet, you’re sabotaging your own best intentions. Who needs enemies when you’ve got a raging war in your own mind?

We all have collected a lifetime of programming and belief systems that we did not choose, especially before seven years old, as the brain hasn’t formed discernment and we are literally sponges collecting perceptions and beliefs to survive in our environment. These unconscious beliefs drive our thoughts, words, behaviors, actions, and ultimately our destiny on autopilot.

I’ve been there and it seemed like no matter what I tried, I failed. I read a barrage of self-help books, went to expensive seminars with gurus and experts alike, puffed out affirmations until my face turned blue, squinted my eyes closed trying to visualize a desired outcome only to see black. I spent thousands of dollars on counseling and coaching, but my life never looked like the wisdom I had gained.

Not willing to give up on my belief in the extraordinary potential of the human mind, I searched further until I found answers that gave me the power to create and live life by the beliefs, values, and perceptions that I chose, quieting the monkey mind of negativity and limitations.

Recommended by a friend, I discovered Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD, bestselling author of Biology of Beliefs, and this book changed my life so dramatically that I have devoted the last nine years of my life to educating, self-empowering, and unleashing the power of beliefs, especially the unconscious ones lurking under the water like a submerged iceberg with nearly a thousand people.

Our unconscious mind is 95% of our consciousness, running at forty million bits of information per second and is the storehouse of our perceptions and beliefs that are held within our long-term memory that run on auto-pilot, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of what we believe–the good, bad, and ugly come to life. That is until you change your programming.

It’s a crime that we haven’t we been taught about the basic functioning of our mind to become more self-empowered, independent thinkers. Not that I’m a conspiracy theory junkie, but maybe it’s better for the economy and the profit-lined pockets of companies and the dirty hands of our politicians.

Science, information, and ancient wisdom are power, and once we are self-empowered with it, we begin to regain control. We must take back the power of our mind, especially our beliefs. We need to declare our beliefs consciously and align our unconscious mind with them. Our beliefs are the driving force behind what is possible in our life. It sets the limits. We need to raise the bar to raise the possibilities in our lives.   If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right, as Henry Ford wisely said.

The problem is that many of us haven’t even thought about what we believe. We spend more time clipping our toenails then we do thinking about our thinking. Worst yet, in my opinion, we live in a world where we find comfort in the Pity Party discussing what we don’t want. I don’t want to be unhappy. I don’t want to be fat. I don’t want to pay taxes. Or we reinforce limiting beliefs like a mantra sung over and over – It’s hard to find a good man. It’s hard to make money in this economy. It’s tough to change. And the king pin of them all? It’s out of my control, so why try to change?

Not only do we cement these beliefs in our subconscious mind, we cement our feet into a big fat rut, firmly stuck in the same old destructive behaviors.

I was there – a burned out executive, in a high-tech giant blaming my stress on everything outside of myself – the new CEO, my boss, my boss’s boss, and even the mountain of emails, until I left, believing life would be greener after leaving the corporate machine, but guess what? My shadow followed me right out the door and created stress out of being comfortably retired, responsible to nobody but myself.  This is when I wiped away the fog from the mirror and identified the culprit.

So what’s the secret and crown jewel that lies within each of us?   Belief. And as we upgrade the limiting beliefs that control our lives, we take back the control of our mind, creating a life WE choose. And while our thoughts and beliefs are private, their impact is public feeding for the collective unconscious.

Want to change the world? Start by changing your beliefs.

We can do it, one belief at a time.

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Time to Give Back – Volunteer at the Portland Crisis Line

This spring I completed a 50-hour training program at the  Portland Crisis Line (PWCL) and I’ve been volunteering on the crisis line each week.  This organization takes over 22,000 calls a year.  Until I entered this world, I never realized that violence and abuse is so pervasive.  It affects all genders although women are still the majority.

This is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life and at first I would go home shaken and cry.  And it is one of my proudest moments to have the courage to face my own fears and past and help others through theirs.  These people are some of the most courageous people I have ever met.

I am increasing my knowledge of trauma and abuse to a new level.  Also after eight-years of doing the work I do, I have realized that so many women and men have experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse but thought they were over it or that it didn’t effect their lives.  But it has affected their lives like a low grade infection that goes undetected but can have tough consequences physically and emotionally.

I understand because I have been there.  During one of my trainings by Dr. Christopher Wilson, an expert in the area of “The Dynamics of Abusers” he believed that the struggle with narcissism is a root cause driving abusers.  The light went off for me and it explained my experience with an abuser.  He had to put others down to make himself feel worthy.  He had a disconnect with what he believed about himself compared to others.  Dr. Wilson talked about how manipulative and clever they are and smart women get manipulated by them.  They start out building you up, telling you you’re incredible and then slowly they begin the manipulation.

For years I beat myself up thinking I was stupid in not recognizing who he was, but my new understanding liberated me as I realized it really wasn’t my fault!

The experiencing of volunteering has surprised me in that it is also helped me to heal my past.

I’m also excited to bringing out soon a Memoire Series that shares my story and gives insights and tools for others to not only thrive from stress, burnout, and trauma, but to Thrive!

With joy and appreciation,


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Dr. Bruce Lipton – Biology of Beliefs – Best Selling Author – recommends PSYCH-K

Today I was listening to Dr. Bruce Lipton on the Hay House World Summit and just had to share more about his work. Seven years ago, I went to a workshop with Dr. Lipton and Rob Williams the originator of  PSYCH-K (the belief change process) and my life has never been the same! It was so profound (through PSYCH-K, I healed stomach problems I’d had for 10 years, avoided knee surgery, and created a new career that I love after being burned out from the corporate world.

Dr. Lipton and his revolutionary book, Biology of Belief, finally explained to me why I would get stuck despite my best intentions, or why I’d fall back into unhealthy habits and how my subconscious beliefs (negative ones) were at the root cause of my stress and health issues.  It also explained why I was having changes in relationships and made some terrible investment decision. It was my beliefs that are running on auto-pilot at subconscious level of my mind that is running my life and my biology!

It was his book and the science behind it (epigenetics), that has shown me that I’m not destined to my genes but that my perceptions and beliefs play a key role.  He said today that only 1% of illness and disease is genetic. The rest is based upon our environment. But not just the environment but rather our perception about the environment.

He quoted a recent study from UCLA, that said, “Our subjective perception of reality over rides our objective experience.”

The key, as Dr. Lipton describes it, is to change the subconscious programs (limiting beliefs) that are running our biology and our lives.

Dr. Lipton is a big fan of PSYCH-K and he mentioned today in the Hay House World Summit how it can change the subconscious programming in 5-10 minutes. This is why I became a PSYCH-K Instructor and love facilitating people in person or via Skype, is because it so fast!

In his book Biology of Beliefs, Bruce wrote,” I use PSYCH-K in my own life.  PSYCH-K has helped me undo my self-limiting beliefs, including one about not being able finish my book. The fact that you are holding this book is one indication of the power of PSYCH-K!

I just love Bruce Lipton and his message. It’s self-empowering and demonstrates the amazing power that we have inside of ourselves.  We consider Bruce as part of the PSYCH-K family and I’ve had the joy of visiting with him and Margaret in New Zealand (he teaches at the Auckland Chiropractic College and I was teaching PSYCH-K in New Zealand frequently for awhile).

Thanks Bruce for making such a difference in the world!

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Australian Venture Bringing New Experience to My PSYCH-K Workshops and Personal Sessions

After having an extraordinary experience as a Partner in a consulting firm based in Melbourne, Australia, I’ve decided to focus back on my own business from Portland, Oregon.   I never moved to Australia but had quite the commute.

Along with work, I traveled as much as possible and went scuba diving with lots of sharks in the Great Barrier Reef. I visited the Aboriginal People’s most sacred places such as Uluru (Ayres Rock) and the Daintree Rainforest.  I went sailing in Tazmania, hung out in Sydney’s oldest pubs and watched the bats fly around in the Botanical Gardens.  I highlight was the kangaroos and wallabys. They love their chest scratched. These aren’t the big Red Kangaroos which can punch your lights out, so I don’t want anyone to think all kangaroos are harmless, but these were.

What I bring back with me is a whole new level of experience in enhancing the capabilities of individuals and organizations through capturing the power of beliefs, mindset, and the brain.  I worked with CEO’s and Executives on a one-to-one basis enhancing their leadership skills in a innovative and leading edge way.  It was by changing limiting beliefs at the subconscious mind which drives behaviors and re-programming them with high powered positive beliefs. I used processes such as PSYCH-K® and PER-K® and other processes based on neuroscience, behavioral science, and energy psychology.

I created a unique workshop approach to helps groups break through mental blocks and enhance their creativity to generate extraordinary ideas and strategies.  One workshop included a Board of Directors and the Executive Staff in developing their 2020 Strategy.  I used what is called a whole brain state to generate ideas along with paradym shifting questions by creating a simultaneous connection between right and left hemispheres. This accesses one’s full brain potential.

The whole brain state reduces stress, creates more brain activity, is a super learning state, and can be used to re-program limiting beliefs at the subconscious level of the mind. 

What was rewarding was teaching people how to access more of their potential and how to have a Mindset for Success. My dream is to help all kinds of people achieve this goal, and I have a belief that helping Influential Leaders, this will help them to create happier, healthier work environments. Nearly three years ago I created a workshop to help people get “unstuck” and empowered to create a life they love.  I called this the Love Your Life Mastery Series.  I used this experience to create a corporate version called The Mindset for Success Training Series.

With this added experience, I am teaching PSYCH-K Workshops with a added zest and be rolling out a whole New Workshop Series of My Qwn in 2014.  These will include workshops for people to tackle their biggest challenges and reach their goals, as well as, On-Line Products for those who would like to sit in the comforts of their home.

I welcome anyone wanting a Personal Sessions either in person, by phone or Skype now and offer an attractive introductory price.  I love the one to one connection, and after having hundreds of sessions with people, I often can help people get quickly to what’s holding them back or what is blocking their success.  Again, I use leading edge change processes such as PSYCH-K to accelerate the results by aligning the subconscious mind with the goals.

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Consulting and Coaching for Peak Performance

After teaching 130 workshops in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, I’m taking a bit of a break to focus upon consulting and coaching.  I spent 20 years at a fortune 50 high technology company and am excited to bring a combination of business experience in getting results with that of an understanding of the mind and creating results. I use processes that use the latest in technology from neuroscience, psychology, and science to create lasting change such as PSYCH-K® and PER-K®.

Besides corporate clients, I work with people looking to achieve extraordinary results through their minds. The applications can vary from optimal health, athletic performance, career enhancement and transitions.  I have worked with CEO’s and business professionals, artists and performers such as a talented Opera Singer from Paris, and other highly motivated people who want to stretch the boundaries of what is possible.

I am partnering with Strategy Consulting in Australia as my top priority.

I believe the business world is ready to do something different. They are ready to find innovative ways to combine business objectives with people and environmental objectives.  Stress is also a serious problem and compromises one’s health and their performance. The processes that I use address the root cause which is our subconscious beliefs.  These belief programs run on auto-pilot and create our thoughts, behaviors, and habits. 95% of our consciousness is subconscious- meaning that we aren’t even aware of them.  I bring effective and quick ways to identify limiting beliefs and change them.

I look forward to sharing more on my website and blog about the mind to help us all become our belief and mind masters creating a life we love just one belief at a time!


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Australian Businesses Lead the Way- Mind Management

I am in Sydney, Australia on an exciting journey to open up the business market to a whole new way of thinking and creating results. But first, I had to experience this amazing country and went scuba diving north of Sydney near Nelson’s Bay. This is my passion and I was lucky enough to see more then thirty nine-foot long Grain Sharks.  Yes, I love swimming with the sharks!

The world of business is undergoing challenging times and it may feel to you like you are swimming with the sharks in dark waters. Especially challenged are the business leaders.  The demands are endless and can be stressful and draining; the pressure to meet financial goals, the pressure to meet people’s needs; the environment, their family needs, and on-and on.  Often the leader’s own needs get left behind.  I’ve been there and ended up with stomach issues, adrenal fatigue and was stressed and exhausted. This is what sent me on a journey seven years ago to find the latest in technology to regain my energy and the power of mind to meet my business and life goals. More than ever, leaders need to access the full potential of the mind to meet the challenges of these rapidly changing times.

 Einstein said, “You can’t solve the problem with the same level of thinking that created it.” Doing something different to unleash the untapped potential of the mind is what I have been specializing in for over five years. I have combined the latest knowledge and tools in neuroscience, psychology, and change processes such as PER-K® and PSYCH-K® with over twenty years of corporate experience, to shatter the boundaries of what is possible. Not just create minimal change, but to literally unleash the potentiality of people’s creativity, imagination, and power to create extraordinary results.

The secret to sustainable success lies in Belief and Mind Management.  Beliefs establish the limits to what we can achieve and the brain and subconscious holds the key to creating sustainable change in optimal thinking, creativity, behaviors and actions.

I have been traveling to Sydney, Brisbane, and soon Melbourne, to meet with corporate leaders, a world-wide consulting firm, and a prestigious leadership company to change the way businesses approach and achieve results with my new partner, Denis Kilroy of KBA Consulting Group.  Denis has been in the consulting business for over twenty years and recognized long ago the critical importance of aligning individual and organizational beliefs around objectives, especially the subconscious beliefs that undermine people’s intended behavior. We are teaming up to create a unique offer in the area of strategy, leadership, and mind management.

The response has been exceptionally positive, and to be honest, not surprising as I did my own belief and mind management processes to create the beliefs I need to succeed. I’ve done this time and time again to reach my extraordinary goals in my business, my personal life, and with my health.  Processes such as PSYCH-K for individual use and PER-K for business and organizational use, are the key to creating lasting change because  you change limiting beliefs at the subconscious level which is where our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and action originate.  I have consulted and facilitated hundreds of people and trained hundreds of facilitators who use it personally or professionally.

It really is time for all of us to step up and take control of our minds and manage this most amazing capability. I named my business Your Beliefs Matter because this is the starting point where your true potential lies-your beliefs.

We are actually all leaders in some form or another and being the role model for others by creating our own life of happiness, prosperity, and purpose is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, our profession, family and community.

What beliefs are you sending out to the world?

Take a look as this as it may be quite revealing and explain why you’re getting the same old unwanted result over and over in some aspect of your personal or professional life.

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.


Cheers From Down Under,




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