Consulting and Coaching for Peak Performance

After teaching 130 workshops in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, I’m taking a bit of a break to focus upon consulting and coaching.  I spent 20 years at a fortune 50 high technology company and am excited to bring a combination of business experience in getting results with that of an understanding of the mind and creating results. I use processes that use the latest in technology from neuroscience, psychology, and science to create lasting change such as PSYCH-K® and PER-K®.

Besides corporate clients, I work with people looking to achieve extraordinary results through their minds. The applications can vary from optimal health, athletic performance, career enhancement and transitions.  I have worked with CEO’s and business professionals, artists and performers such as a talented Opera Singer from Paris, and other highly motivated people who want to stretch the boundaries of what is possible.

I am partnering with Strategy Consulting in Australia as my top priority.

I believe the business world is ready to do something different. They are ready to find innovative ways to combine business objectives with people and environmental objectives.  Stress is also a serious problem and compromises one’s health and their performance. The processes that I use address the root cause which is our subconscious beliefs.  These belief programs run on auto-pilot and create our thoughts, behaviors, and habits. 95% of our consciousness is subconscious- meaning that we aren’t even aware of them.  I bring effective and quick ways to identify limiting beliefs and change them.

I look forward to sharing more on my website and blog about the mind to help us all become our belief and mind masters creating a life we love just one belief at a time!


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