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I am in Sydney, Australia on an exciting journey to open up the business market to a whole new way of thinking and creating results. But first, I had to experience this amazing country and went scuba diving north of Sydney near Nelson’s Bay. This is my passion and I was lucky enough to see more then thirty nine-foot long Grain Sharks.  Yes, I love swimming with the sharks!

The world of business is undergoing challenging times and it may feel to you like you are swimming with the sharks in dark waters. Especially challenged are the business leaders.  The demands are endless and can be stressful and draining; the pressure to meet financial goals, the pressure to meet people’s needs; the environment, their family needs, and on-and on.  Often the leader’s own needs get left behind.  I’ve been there and ended up with stomach issues, adrenal fatigue and was stressed and exhausted. This is what sent me on a journey seven years ago to find the latest in technology to regain my energy and the power of mind to meet my business and life goals. More than ever, leaders need to access the full potential of the mind to meet the challenges of these rapidly changing times.

 Einstein said, “You can’t solve the problem with the same level of thinking that created it.” Doing something different to unleash the untapped potential of the mind is what I have been specializing in for over five years. I have combined the latest knowledge and tools in neuroscience, psychology, and change processes such as PER-K® and PSYCH-K® with over twenty years of corporate experience, to shatter the boundaries of what is possible. Not just create minimal change, but to literally unleash the potentiality of people’s creativity, imagination, and power to create extraordinary results.

The secret to sustainable success lies in Belief and Mind Management.  Beliefs establish the limits to what we can achieve and the brain and subconscious holds the key to creating sustainable change in optimal thinking, creativity, behaviors and actions.

I have been traveling to Sydney, Brisbane, and soon Melbourne, to meet with corporate leaders, a world-wide consulting firm, and a prestigious leadership company to change the way businesses approach and achieve results with my new partner, Denis Kilroy of KBA Consulting Group.  Denis has been in the consulting business for over twenty years and recognized long ago the critical importance of aligning individual and organizational beliefs around objectives, especially the subconscious beliefs that undermine people’s intended behavior. We are teaming up to create a unique offer in the area of strategy, leadership, and mind management.

The response has been exceptionally positive, and to be honest, not surprising as I did my own belief and mind management processes to create the beliefs I need to succeed. I’ve done this time and time again to reach my extraordinary goals in my business, my personal life, and with my health.  Processes such as PSYCH-K for individual use and PER-K for business and organizational use, are the key to creating lasting change because  you change limiting beliefs at the subconscious level which is where our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and action originate.  I have consulted and facilitated hundreds of people and trained hundreds of facilitators who use it personally or professionally.

It really is time for all of us to step up and take control of our minds and manage this most amazing capability. I named my business Your Beliefs Matter because this is the starting point where your true potential lies-your beliefs.

We are actually all leaders in some form or another and being the role model for others by creating our own life of happiness, prosperity, and purpose is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, our profession, family and community.

What beliefs are you sending out to the world?

Take a look as this as it may be quite revealing and explain why you’re getting the same old unwanted result over and over in some aspect of your personal or professional life.

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.


Cheers From Down Under,




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